This guided meditation is an investment in YOU, a small seed you plant in your subconscious on a regular basis, to boost your level of Body Love, and to build a more loving, trusting and compassionate relationship towards yourself and your body.

This meditation will assist you in healing your relationship with your body, by opening up your heart in a way for you to give and receive more love. The meditation will take you back to, and remind you of the relationship you had with you body before you began judging it. You will experience meeting yourself with more love and compassion, and create a new relationship towards your body.

"You do not become beautiful when your body changes, you become beautiful when you change the way you look at your body!" - Zoe Johansen


When you feel loved, appreciated, accepted and trust that you are enough, life truly begins. It is one of my greatest passions, to help you heal the relationship towards your body, and your level of love and compassion towards yourself, so that you may live this life to the fullest.

"In a world that tells you that you and your body is not enough... Choose to love yourself and your body, instead of buying into the lie!" - Zoe Johansen


30 minutes guided meditation of pure body love!

Get a sneak peek:

This is for you who..

✅Are ready to invest in your relationship with your body, and plant a new seed of body love in your life, which you can grow bigger and bigger.

✅Know that the quick fixes in the form of changing your body, will never work. You will not love your body more when you loose weight or when something else changes. You know that you instead need to start building a more loving relationship towards you body, as it is right now.

✅Know the value of investing in yourself, in your soul! Who know that this is something you can use again and again, and the more you use it, the more valuable it becomes, as your body love will grow and expand more and more, the more you listen to the meditation and focus upon it.



Guided Meditations are a way to plant new seeds in our subconscious.


The majority of our lives we operate from old patterns and old belief systems, planted in our subconscious from a very early age. We are often not even aware of all the layers behind our actions and therefore what causes us to manifest a certain life and experience, each and every day. The root causes go extremely deep, and even with extremely high awareness, we will not be able to spot all of these old patterns, blockages and belief systems.

To get in contact with this,  we need to access our subconscious, digging deep enough and letting go of the minds need to control.

From this place we can speak to and access the deep layers of early and big imprints, and start to plant new seeds.

Guided Meditations are a way to access higher awareness, to plant change within yourself, and to allow yourself space to grow and expand in your every day life. 

30 days straight


If you listen to the meditation for 30 days straight before going to bed, the repetition will subconsciously rewire neuron patterns in your brain and create new thought patterns. You will physically heal on a cellular level.

Before you sleep


Studies has shown that the last hour to a half before going to sleep, will subconsciously be replayed the entire night while sleeping. If you go to bed depressed, stressed and worried, that is also the amplified state you will wake up in, replaying the same pattern over again. It is a good idea to listen to guided meditations before sleeping, to put on a new record and break the pattern.

New love track

Replace old blocks and thoughts, with a new love track...

You can actually actively choose to replace your old blocks, thoughts and limited belief systems, that has played subconsciously in your head for decades, with a new love track. A very wise man once said; Doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting new results... is insanity.
You can actually do something new, put on a new track!

It's really easy!

When you purchase the meditation, you will be send a confirmation email, and then another email with the link to the space where you can download the meditation file to your computer.

After that you can transfer the meditation file to your phone, so that you have it with you and easily can plug in headphones and listen to it wherever and whenever you like.

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