Heart Activation


"A ceremony between you and your heart"

What is a Heart Activation Ceremony?

2 hour medicine journey with cacao

During this ceremony we will journey with the Cacao Medicine. You will be guided into a heart ceremony with a cup of ceremonial cacao, and you will experience a deepened connection to your heart. Cacao is a medicine that allow us to sit with the experience of life with more love, openness and honesty. This ceremony is about you dropping deep into what is alive within your heart, and allowing yourself to truly experience the range of your experience of life, as well as moving through it with love. You will be held and guided all the way, and the cacao is merely part of the journey.

an unconditional loving space

The facilitator of your ceremony will be me, Zoe Johansen, and I will make sure to create and hold an unconditional loving space for you and your heart during this ceremony. I work intuitively with energy work, heart activation and higher self mirroring. This ceremony space is for you, and I am with you to navigate and guide you into deeper layers of your heart, as well as to help you process and move any emotions and blocks that might show up through a ceremony. I will hold space for your journey by setting up a strong energy container where your higher self can show up clearly, by supporting the truth resonance of your heart and by channeling messages, movement and touch which will activate and deepening your journey. 

Healing, clearing & remembrance

This ceremony journey will be all about opening up for what is ready to be seen, sitting with what needs to be felt, moving what is ready to be moved and embodying what is ready to be lived. We are working through deep layers of energy, emotions, beliefs, experiences and soul contracts. You will experience being supported through a process of stepping deeper into your heart and living through it. 


We are not on this earth or in this life to walk alone, and all pain is born from a belief rooted in a story of seperation. You are not here alone, and haling will only evert happen when love is invited into the places that has been kept isolated for too long. Every part of you is worthy of receiving love, and by having someone meet you where you have yet to experience being met, is the most powerful gift of transformation you can gift yourself and your heart. 

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Heart Activation


Book your individual 2 hours guided cacao ceremony journey, where you will be guided into your heart & it's alchemy, with Zoe Johansen as your spaceholder.

What Are ​People Saying:

Thank you for a beautiful ceremony, I resonate so strongly with what you do, and I am deeply touched by what I am reminded of when I experience your ceremony. I enjoyed it with every breath.

- Kicki

After the ceremony my moon arrived a week earlier. So much was released that I needed to shed it physically as well.

- Elinore 

My last ceremony with you initiated a big process and a lot of things in my life. 

- Anne-Marie

Jeg fik lige præcis det med hjem i går som jeg havde brug for. Tak for at skabe et trygt og healende rum. 

- Louise

This was truly amazing and like pure magic. I received answers from my ansestors about my genetic lines from both my fathers and mothers side. I am meant to break patterns and heal wounds which have been passed on for generations. I am to rise and use my skills and talents which were given to me by the women on both sides. I feel like a big healing happened, and that I am now more clear on my path. Thank you Zoe, for holding this space.

- Line 

This was a space that met me exactly where I was ready to be met. I am so grateful for the space you held for me and my heart Zoe, I have never experienced to be held with so much love and presence, and it was truly a gift that opened new doors for me.

- Sofie 

meet your SPaceholder:

Hi dear, i'm Zoe johansen

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Book your
Heart Activation


Book your individual 2 hours guided cacao ceremony journey, where you will be guided into your heart & it's alchemy, with Zoe Johansen as your spaceholder.

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