Loving Morning

Begin your day more... Lovingly!

This guided morning meditation will:

Elevate you and your energy in only 10 minutes

Bring you into a state of gratitude and excitement about life

 Ease any experiences of stress, worry and anxiousness

Plant loving and powerful seeds which can grow through your day

If you want to turn your life around, begin your day in a new and more effective way.
The moment you start your day from gratitude and excitement,

you will witness how it ripples out and impacts every area of your life!

Sneak peek of the mediation:

Begin your new Morning Ritual:

Are you ready to begin a new morning practice

with the potential of changing your experience of life?

All you need to know about this Meditation:

The meditation takes 10 minutes

Whether you choose to play it the first thing in the morning when you wake up in bed, create a 10 minute space to meditate with it or listen to it on the go on your way to your job, it will be equally as powerful. The meditation contains affirmations and guidance to tune into yourself, and you can do that in your own chosen settings . . . It only takes 10 minutes!

The power of affirmations

The brain is a muscle, and it can be trained through intention and repetition. It is actually proven that it takes 10 positive thoughts to level out only 1 negative thought. The brain is also instinctively wired to search for possible "threats" in life as a protection mechanism, and we therefore often find ourselves having thoughts of fear, insecurity, worry or doubt. This is why it can make a huge difference to begin to implement and listen to loving and positive affirmations, as this will refocus your brain and train it to be more positive in its focus and thought patterns.

The way you start your day matters

The way you start your day impacts the rest of it.  We all know that a bad, stressful, anxious or grumpy morning can stick with us throughout most of the day, and that it can be really difficult to shake off the impact of a "bad morning". It is important when it comes to our experience of life, that we generate and cultivate a state of gratitude and love from the very moment we begin our day, so that we can carry that into our day.

All you need is to press play and listen

Many people find it difficult to find time for a morning routine or to find the persistency to keep up with it. This morning ritual is however very different, all you need to do is to press play and listen. Make yourself a promise to listen to it at least for 30 days, as this is the amount of time it takes to integrate a new habit in your life. This will also enhance the power of the ripple effect it will have on and generate in your life.

Consciously choose which seeds you plant

You have choice when it comes to your energy, your belief system and your thoughts. This meditation is here to assist you in becoming more conscious about it and guide you towards planting more loving, encouraging and empowering seeds within you, so that they can grow and expand that out into your experience of life.

What you get...


This is a 10 minutes guided meditation

You get access to both an MP3 file and MP4 version

The meditation will guide you through:

Tuning into your physical and emotional body

 Rebuilding trust in and listening to your heart

 Tapping into a profound state of gratitude

 Inviting in more gentleness and compassion

Elevating your vibration

My name is Zoe Johansen, and I am in this world to support women to remember and make use of their hearts medicine. I create tools that guide us back to our center, back to our essence, and back to our hearts.

Personally I have struggled in life, with waking up in the morning feeling anxious and nervous. It would take me a long time to shift myself out of this state every day, and I asked myself if I could make a tool to help myself with this.

This is how the "Loving Morning Affirmations" was born, and now it is elevating me into the day, every day, enhancing my experience of life, lifting my energy and planting seeds of love and gratitude that ripples out through my life.

I am so excited to share it with you!

Zoe Johansen, Self-Love Coach

Copyright 2019, zoejohansen.dk