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Many people today know about manifestation, the law of attraction, & understand that we are the creators of our own life... But there is a  huge problem!

The problem is... that people don't ACTUALLY understand in depth how manifestation works or how to use and implement it in their lives!

They will try and try to force things through in life

They will try to control the outcome and feel defeated every time it does not work out as they want it to

And what's even worse, is that this lack of knowledge and misunderstanding of manifestation, leads to people loosing belief and confidence in themselves and their manifestation abilities, making it even more impossible to manifest!

We can't afford spending time working against ourselves and our dreams, am I right?

Luckily, there is a very specific set of tools and principles, that works as the key to activating a strong manifestation game in your life...

Wait a minute... Before you click away and say "Oooh no, this isn't for me... I've heard this song before"... Hear me out:

  This is not too good to be true. In fact this will require you to understand these principles, and for you to live by them on a daily basis

  This is not a magic trick, this is a rewriting on your approach to manifestation and maybe even to how you live and perceive your life

I believe everyone deserve these tools!

That's why I'm offering you instant access to my 5 steps Manifestation Mastery Online Course worth $222...

 For only $57!

(Save $165)

Are you ready to learn how to become a

​ Manifestation MASTER in your life?

Imagine going to bed at night, joyous and filled with gratitude, overflowing with happiness from the amazing day you just had. (One of those days where everything flows and feels abundant.)

How would you feel if you lived in alignment with all of that which you dream of attracting - living in  that vibration... Waking up every morning with a smile on your face, looking around you and feeling deeply how much abundance is precent in you life. Imagine the feeling of allowing life completely and opening up to even more than what your mind could construct or plan. 

How would your life feel like if you could:

  CONFIDENTLY feeling that you are the creator of your life, and that you cultivate the vibration you want

  Know EXACTLY what steps to take in order to access a powerful level of manifestation

  NAVIGATE yourself away from the typical manifestation traps

  Stop forcing your manifestation, and instead leaning back and  Enjoying life.

What we will cover in this course:

  • The key to effortless manifestation - YES, there is a way for you to get what you want even if you don't do affirmations or visualizations every single day.
  • How to overcome doubt, fear, worry, negativity, and anything slowing down your ability to manifest things quickly.
  • The 5 proven steps I used to manifest things predictably and consistently even when I FEEL unworthy and undeserving of it at times.
  • How to gain more ease in your life - because manifestation has everything to do with ease!
  • Why manifesting from a state of FEAR doesn't work in the long run... and how to do it from a place of LOVE so that you can manifest what you want without the painful consequences that normally come with it.
  • The most POWERFUL tool you need to manifest... and when you make it, you'll be able to manifest more in 24-48 hours then you normally would in 6-12 months

What People Are Saying About The Course:

“The next day I had two new messages from interested clients...”

"Zoe is talking about life in such a playfull and joyful way, and it just made me smile! I loved to listen to her voice while she guided me through the course and to the end where i saw myself "living my dream". The biggest wow experience was when i realised that what kept me away from my goal about getting new clients for my tantra massage was low vibrations... That a bad experience 1,5 months ago had given me a core feeling of not feeling good enough at my work. So of course i didn't attract new clients, as I wished for, because I was actually not ready for them. I made a post about my tantra massage in a new group the same day as I took the course, and the most powerful and beautiful is that the next day, I had two new messages from interested women in my inbox. 

Thank you Zoe!"  

Camilla Holst 

“I'm gonna have so much fun with these new tools..."

"Zoe's small videos are very thorough and elaborate on the method of understanding the manifestation technique in a mild and easy way. It helped me to look at the areas of my manifestation, where is it working and where is it not working. She manages to help me think in a different way, see the situation from a different angle. She is really thorough in explaining the tools. It is easy spoken English and she has a nice soothing voice. The videos are adjustable in length and there is not too much information or exercises to do, before starting on a new module. It is a great idea that I can watch the videos when it fits into my program, heck, I can even watch the videos in my pyjamas. Thank you, Zoe. I’m gonna have so much freaking fun with these new tools of manifestation!"

Rachel Haagensen

"There are very simple principals behind those "abundant people"

and how they are living in what seems to be a shower of abundance, without hustling, without magic tricks and spells,

and without force and vision boards (no offense to vision boards).

It's time for you to be let in on these simple principals!"

What would your life look like

if you mastered the art of manifestation?

This 5 steps course is not a quick fix, it support you into changing the way you live and feel about life!


  • Learn the art of intention and energy 
  • A powerful exercise, writing your dreams into existence
  • Tools that will invite you to embrace, yourself and life more
  • The 5 principles that will make you access more abundance and flow
Zoe Johansen

Creator of Manifestation Mastery

Hi dear, I'm Zoe!

I am a Self-Love & Radiance Coach for powerful, heart-centered women around the world.

After four years spent growing my personal life and my business, I’ve learned exactly how frustrating it can be to run your head through the wall, when it comes to manifestation and creating your dream life. Over time, I’ve learned how to cultivate powerful manifestation in my life, and found that it boils down to 5 keys/principles that unlocks the universal powers of Manifestation, making it truly simple and do-able.

I am not a believer in quick fixes, therefore I have made sure that this course is not that. Yet the course is something that will support you in how you show up in and live your life. I guide you to face your inner world, in order to change the one around you!

What People Are Saying About The Course:

“This gave me new insights and inspiration..."

"Zoe offers a fresh guidance to the law of attraction and reveals some of the "misunderstandings/blind spots" when approaching to work with it. Love the fresh and inspiring energy of Zoe explaining deeper details of manifestation magic. Manifestation Mastery gave me new insights in the use of manifestation and it inspired me to look different at some of my resistance. This course reminded me of the beauty and power of my dream state and that the magic of life is not achievable by reaching something or somewhere outside, but from right here and now."

Ida Kristiane

“I will revisit this course as time goes by..."

“Zoe is a really varm and vibrant person. She explanes very well how to set your self and your own limitations free - to assure abundance and true happiness. I will revisit this course as time goes by to remind myself of these important insights."


Manifestation Mastery is SIMPLE!

What if becoming a master at manifestation was really as simple

as understanding and implementing 5 principles?

Well... It is!

Are you ready to do so?

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Why should you trust me?

✓  I don't just teach this stuff; I actually live it. I use these EXACT principles myself in my life and teach them to my clients to increase their abundance experience in life. I am NOT just repeating what XYZ "top-secret" formula/magic trick (*rolling eyes* we have had enough of that!), I am actually teaching you principles that you can take and instantly apply to your own life.

✓  I'm not JUST a "Manifestation Coach" (and I'm not here to be another coach playing on peoples fears and dreams), I actually work as a Self-Love Expert and have spend the last decade of my life working with the foundation within human beings, to figure out how we can live from a place of abundance, love and a solid feeling of self worth. My work is all about embodying, reclaiming and stepping into our own love and power, and how to improve the story we live out on an every day basis. I believe we are the creators of our own life, and thats why I wanted to create this course, as I believe that everyone deserve to have access to these fundamental tools and principles.

✓  I've helped people make LOTS of changes. I've worked with clients in dozens of different places in their life and on their journeys (Yes... seriously - I know my way around peoples own limitations, blocks and potential.), and I've seen what works and what doesn't. My clients call me the bullshit detector!

✓  I'm a LOVING human. There are many people in the personal development industry, and many of them don't have very high intentions for others, (they are in it for their own gain). That's not how I work! Everything I create, I create from a place of love. I wish for everyone in this world to thrive and live in abundance of love. I am waling m own talk,  and I have created my dream life and the dream relationship with myself. I'm living proof that it's 110% possible to have it all. And I want you to have that too.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Secure Payment

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