Guided Meditations


Guided Meditations are a way to plant new seeds inside of our subconscious.


The majority of our lives we operate from old patterns and old belief systems, planted in our subconscious from a very early age.We are often not even aware of all the layers behind our actions and therefore what causes us to manifest a certain life and experience, each and every day. The root causes go extremely deep, and even with extremely high awareness, we will not be able to spot all of these old patterns, blockages and belief systems.

To get in contact with this, we need to access our subconscious, digging deep enough and letting go of the minds need to control.

. From this place we can speak to and access the deep layers of early and big in prints, and start to plant new seeds.

Guided Meditations are a way to access higher awareness, to plant change within yourself, and to allow yourself space to grow and expand in your every day life. 


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