New Moon

Work with the energies of the New Moon

With this ritual you will get:

Clarity around how to work with the New Moon in a powerful way

A guided ritual journey through meditation and writing

Potent energy amplifiers to manifest more in your life
A magical tool to support you EVERY moon cycle

The new moon is one of the most powerful times of during the Luna cycle.
The energies during the New Moon is extremely potent and powerful,

and can be harnessed and used intentionally to become very clear and intentional

in order to plant and grow new seeds of manifestation into your life.


Begin your New Moon Ritual:

Are you ready to begin practicing a powerful New Moon Ritual

with the potential of cultivating transformation and growth in your life?

You get access to:

→ A video explaining the energies of the New Moon

→ A 20 min guided sound journey

→ A  guiding printable writing ritual

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Ready to work intentionally
with the New Moon?

Work intentionally with the Full Moon

This ritual is created to assist you in both understanding and working with the New Moon energies. The New Moon is one of the most powerful times during the luna cycle, and if harnessed in the right way, the energies can be used for powerful transformation within your life.

Connect with each New Moon

Each New Moon bring with it different energies, teachings and stirs up different themes within you. This ritual is created to support you to deepen into your inner knowing and connection of the moons teachings. The guided sound journey will assist you in opening your heart to receive and understand the teachings of the New Moon, and let it support you in tuning into what you wish to manifest and what you are ready to manifest in life.

Calling in and planting seeds

A big part about the New Moon energy, is to plant new seeds, dream big, set intentions and commit to what you wish to call in. This ritual will be a powerful support in bringing you back to a natural rhythm of calling in and manifesting what you are ready to expand and grow in your life.

Guiding you EVERY New Moon

This ritual works EVERY New Moon. It doesn't matter what sign the moon is in, if it is an eclipse moon or not, you can use this ritual during EVERY New Moon in the future. This ritual will each and every time guide you, assist you and hold you through a loving process of working with the New Moon energies.

What you get...


First part of the ritual is a 20 min guided sound journey, guiding you to open up your energy, center yourself and tune into the energies of the new moon.

This part of the ritual will:

✓ Allow you to tune into the theme of the new moon and be energetically receptive to the energies.

✓ Give you more clarity and shine light upon where your soul is ready to grow and expand

✓ Provide you with energetic tool to plant powerful seeds of manifestation

✓ Nurture you and invite you into more stillness and ease, so that you do not rush through this potent time of reflection and intention


Second part of the ritual is a printable PDF file containing questions for you to answer in order to get specific about what you are ready to call in and manifest under the new moon.

This part of the ritual will:

✓ Guide you into reflection and clarity around you last cycle and where you are ready to expand in life

✓ Distill what you wish to call into your life

✓ Crystalize how you need to show up and commit through the next moon cycle

✓ Guide you to dream bigger and follow your dreams

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My name is Zoe Johansen, I am a heart alchemist and channel. As far as I can remember I have always been extremely energy sensitive and open. The moon has always impacted me a lot, and there has always been a special connection between me and the moon.

A couple of years back I began working intentionally with the magic and energies around the different moon phases. The New Moon is especially powerful as it is the beginning of the moon cycle, and the intentions we set and plant during this phase will grow into existence if we work intentionally with them and the new moon energy.

It became clear to me that I needed to share my New Moon Ritual and teach others how to harness and work with these energies, as it is so powerful to work with the cycles and rhythms of the moon. So I sat down and created this New Moon Ritual and I am really excited to share it with you.

May it bring you as much magic and transformation as it does for me!

Zoe Johansen, Self-Love Coach

Copyright 2019, zoejohansen.dk