Return To Love

Center yourself & re-align with love

You will experience following with this meditation:

Move through any pain, fear, and anxiety that you might experience

Ground and center yourself

Re-align with your heart
Cultivate and activate a powerful frequency of love

This is a 20 min guided meditation and transmission, channeled from the council of light.
We live in a universe of polarities, each & every day the frequency on earth is rising & the higher the frequency becomes the bigger is the diversity we experience between pain & love.

This guided meditation is here to support you to navigate these polarities of energies, supporting you through the pain, fear & anxiety by bringing you back to your center & to re-aligning you with the highest frequency of love.

Raise your vibration...

Ready to Return To Love?

Are you ready to begin working with the powerful vibrations of love

The frequency within this meditation will and can shift your experience of life!

With this meditation you will:

→ Move through energies of fear and pain

→ Transform all lower vibrations back into love

→ Come back to your heart, center yourself and raise your vibration

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Here is a sneak peek...

Work intentionally with Your Vibration:

Your vibration matters to the world

You impact this world. Down to your every step, breath, choice, move, action and vibration in life, as it ripples out into the entire ecosystem of the world and impact the rest of it. Your vibration therefore matters more than you might think, in fact, your vibration holds the ability to shift not only your own experience of life, but also the world as we know it. You hold the power to cultivate, tune into and tap into a high frequency and impact us all with it.

You have choice when it comes to vibration

Nothing is constant within this universe, especially vibration! The power you hold within this experience of life, is the one of CHOICE! You choose your vibration, you choose where you give energy, you choose how you respond to life. This meditation is a guide assisting you in choosing, tuning into and cultivating a high and powerful frequency of love.

Every energy can be transformed

Now matter how big, intense, powerful or heavy an energy and emotion might feel to you, every energy within this universe can be transformed and alchemized into something else. This transmission is here to teach you the power of your heart, and your ability to transform and transcend every energy in life back into love.

Support yourself in getting back to love

When you are caught up in the experience in life, it is easy to feel stuck and/or stagnated. This is where energy tools can be important helpers along your journey, as they support you in realigning and remembering. This guided meditation is created to assist you though any experience of pain and fear in life, as you find your way back, as you are guided to return to love. 

What you get...


This is not "just" any guided meditation, this is a transmission channeled from The Council Of Light, distilled into an energy tool of meditation to guide you through transforming pain energies into love.

This Meditation will:

✓ Guide you to transform pain into love

✓ Connect with and open your heart

✓ Move and clear out stagnated energy within you and within the world

✓ Elevate you into higher frequencies of love

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My name is Zoe Johansen, and I work with Heart Alchemy and Channeling. The past couple of years I have been working with and channeling from a source and frequency called "The Council Of Light".

The council of light is the highest frequency of love within this universe, and they allow us to tune into and tap into this frequency to elevate the frequency within the world through the opening of our hearts. 

They are here to teach us how to return to the frequency of love, and this is a process of processing and alchemizing the experience of life through the heart.

I am very honored to be tuned into this vibration, and I feel very honored sharing this energy tool with you, so that you too can tune into and tap into this profound and high frequency.

May it bring you as much magic and transformation as it does for me!

Zoe Johansen, The Heart Alchemist

Copyright 2019, zoejohansen.dk