10 x 1:1 Sessions with Zoe Johansen


Self-Love activation is an activation of your 'self'. This activation happens through a coaching process of you remembering, reclaiming and embodying the love and power you are. Self-Love activation sessions are here to both activate and support you on this journey of unfolding in life, so that you may fully reclaim and say YES to yourself and live life as WHO YOU ARE!

"Love is who you are,
It is time to remember and activate this truth,
Realizing that you are both the key and the key holder of

Your heart,

Your power,

And your life!"

- Zoe Johansen

ON THIS Journey YOU WILL... 

✩ Access more Self-Love
✩ Clear out old blockages and wounds

✩ Dive deep into your 'self'
✩ Claim and own who you are
✩ Invite in 
higher awareness

✩ Build a stronger foundation within

✩ Live from a place of power and love


✓ 10 x 1:1 60 min Self-Love Activation Sessions with Zoe Johansen

✓ A powerful mirror of your 'self', and the love and power within you
✓ The support you need exactly where you are now on your journey
✓ A safe, supportive and unconditional loving space for you to grow and expand within
✓ Tools and activations that will change the way you show up in- and live your life

Let's have a talk and see if these sessions are in alignment with your journey!
>> 20 min activation call for us to get to know each other before any sign up <<

BEcome your own space holder:

How well are you actually capable of holding yourself?

Many of us did not learn the art of holding ourselves growing up

And in life we see many wounded children trying to be adults, incapable of showing up from a place of love for themselves and others, which leads to continuously causing wounding within and around oneself.

We keep re-experiencing the same themes and situations of pain and life may seem like a never ending loop, where we feel stuck and not capable of breaking free of the cycle of pain.

The practice of self-love is in many ways growing up

It learning to is hold oneself

It is starting to practice self responsibility
It is becoming radical honest about how we show up

And it is meeting ourselves with loads of self compassion


Understanding your own wounds and how to tend to them

Showing up when you feel like giving up and avoiding

Giving yourself love when you think you do not deserve it at all

Looking and turning within, instead of chasing and expecting love and healing from the world around

Becoming more and more comfortable and less afraid of your own darkness and depth

Being the parent you needed but never had, and gifting yourself the experiences you never had of being held and met!

ALL OF THIS is exactly what I am creating a space for in my Self-Love Activation Sessions!

A space where you can grow into your own space holder, so you can hold yourself with love, compassion and care!

This is a process of unlearning the ways you learned to show up in life, and to reclaiming and remember the ways of love.

So you can finally get to experience what you yearn for.

So you can finally feel safe to unfold completely in life and be all that you are!

But let us start with the art of holding ourselves, let us start with self-love!

What makes MY COACHING different?

Most people in this world operates from a pattern of GIVING AWAY POWER! Within this dynamic we believe that something outside of ourselves can heal, fix or save us, or that we can do this for others. 

Most coaches/healers/gurus operates form this patterning, and most people searching for coaching operates from this patterning as well. What happens within this dynamic is that the coach becomes the savior and the person who is being coached someone in need of saving. Yet this is far from empowerment as this is a savior and victim dynamic.

WHAT I DO... Is something very different! I work with what is called an empowered space, where all I do is reflect back to you your love and power, reminding you of all that you are. An empowered space requires for you to stay within yourself, within your power, and from this place, we meet in power.

Only in an empowered space can we experience unconditional love, and only here are we able to fully feel the totality of who we are. Here you come to remember that you are whole and complete, and hold the power to show up from love and power in your life.

I am not here to fix you, to change you or to save you!

I am here to REMIND you of who you are, of the power and love within you!

This is for you who...

✓ Feel called and ready to expand and transform

✓ Feel ready to choose and say YES to yourself and to life

✓ Are willing to dive deep within yourself and take responsibility for your life

✓ Want to release the past and tend to your wounds

✓ Dares to open up your heart

✓ Want to create a stronger foundation within

✓ Want to build a life from a vibration of LOVE

✓ Are ready to face all of what you are

✓ And all in all, recognize how important it is to LOVE YOURSELF!


☆ Intuitive Coaching

☆ Mindfullness 

☆ Shadow Work

☆ Inner Child Work

☆ Somatic Trauma Work

☆ Tantric Practice
☆ Shamanism

☆ Spiritual & Empathic Clairvoyance


Let's have a talk and see if these sessions are in alignment with your journey!
>> 20 min activation call for us to get to know each other before any sign up <<

"We are not meant to walk this path alone,

and to step up we need to look into more powerful mirrors,

people who can show us all the power and love inside of ourselves!"

-Zoe Johansen

Meet your future Coach...

My name is Zoe Johansen, and I have been working as a Self-Love and Empowerment Coach for 4 years now. My purpose is to remind you of the love and power that exists within you, and guide you to reclaim and embody it yourself. When I hold space for others, I do so in a deep honoring, with care and integrity, as I as a spaceholder get to hold and see the most tender and pure place of you - your heart - and I know how much love is needed for our our hearts to feel safe enough to dare to unfold again.

My personal journey with Self-Love has been what has transformed and changed my life. After a life struggling with low feelings of self worth, I finally reached a point where the pain and suffering became too big.

Within this awakening I realized how the relationship I had with myself was the most important of all, and that I could never find fulfillment nor happiness in the world around me, if I did not find completion and love within.

I began to take back my power piece by piece, by breaking down all the falls beliefs and stories of pain I had been building and carrying throughout life, and I started to build the relationship I had with myself from a place of love. And day by day I started to bloom, to unfold, and dared to be myself more and more. Life became less painful and more beautiful. I no longer resisted myself nor life, I embraced and loved both.

And with love, we can change everything.

This is why I am here to share these tools, this knowledge of activation of self and love, so that it may reach as many hearts as possible, the hearts who feel ready and called to step into love and power as well!

What are people saying ?

I found my inner peace...

This is the most powerful thing I have ever experienced. WOW - What a journey! Thank you so much Zoe. I feel a relief and a level of ease I have never experienced before or even thought possible. I am deeply grateful for the change within both me and my life, that this program with you have created.

Anna, 31 years

I followed my biggest dream...

 I would like to thank you, you have helped me so much. You've thought me to feel through my body, how to follow my intuition and to take independent decisions, without worrying about what other people are thinking. An old dream has been unlocked, and I am now listening to my soul, moving to Spain, and starting on my dream job there.

Sophie, 27 years

A powerful mirror of love...

Zoe, you see right through me. Literally, there is no place for my fear to hide, or my true self to hide when you see me. I am deeply in awe after having had my first Session with you. You amazed me by putting the ongoing fight inside of me into words, mirroring it back to me, making me see how much I hold myself back in life, and lighting up my hope, desire and dreams. I feel like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders - Thank you so much!

Cathrine, 32 years

Reconnected with myself...

What a journey we have been on together. I am so grateful that I made the decision to start the Self-Love Activation sessions with you. The past months the space you have held for me has turned my life upside down, and has changed the relationship I have with myself. I have learned so much, about myself and about how I show up in life. My life has completely changed, and I see how I am practicing self-love on a daily basis now. It feels so good to be able to give myself what I have been longing for for an entire life. Thank you Zoe, for reconnecting me with myself!

Lisa, 37 years

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There are very limited spots available working with me individually, and once they open up they tend to go very fast. Right now there are a couple of spots available, and you can book your free activation call now. This interview is for both me and you to see if you are a  match for these sessions and for working with me. I want to get to know you, have you answer some questions, and go over the details with you.

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Let's have a talk and see if these sessions are in alignment with your journey!
>> 20 min activation call for us to get to know each other before any sign up <<



The sessions are held via either Skype or Zoom, make it remotely possible to sit in your own comfortable settings while you hold the sessions. This is not only practical when it comes to time and place, it is also reducing the stress level in your nerve system, allowing you to relax more, and surrender at a higher speed into the depth of the work/the process. 

Be held in unconditional love

Most of people have yet to discover what it means to be held in a powerful unconditional loving space. To break it down, this means a space where you are completely embraced, and you can show up with everything, having every part of you reflected and embraced in and with love. When we are held in a space of unconditional love, we come to grow and learn through love, compassion and gentleness. Here we can unfold, grow and expand as we feel safe to do so. 

you yourself are the key!

I am not here to fix you through this this self-love activation, I have no magic pill to take away your pain or to completely change you nor your life. What I AM here to do, is that I am here to be the most powerful mirror, reminding you of your own power and the love existing within you. I hold a safe space and bring tools and knowledge to share with you, so that you can start to remember, reclaim and embody who you are!


Time to book your Activation Call - 
Let's see if this is a match for you!

Remember that if you feel called, it is because YOU ARE!

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Let's have a talk and see if these sessions are in alignment with your journey!
>> 20 min activation call for us to get to know each other before any sign up <<

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