Who is Zoe Johansen?

I am a Self-Love Coach and Empowerment Coach, and my purpose is to remind people of the LOVE they are, and the POWER they hold. I grew up in Denmark, and I am currently living in Bali. I graduated as a Self-Worth Coach in Denmark 2016, and has been dedicating myself to the Self-Love work ever since, spreading awareness about the importance of Self-Love. I am very honored to be doing the work that I do, as it is far greater than just 'you and I'. You see, when we remember, reclaim and embody our love and power, we do not only change our own experience of life - We change the world as well!

I hold many talents, and the work I do takes many forms:

I write - this is my superpower! (I am in the middle of writing my very first book as we speak)
I hold space for people one on one, through Self-Love Activation Sessions
I facilitate the powerful 10 days Self-Love Retreat in BALI
I channel and create Oracle Decks
Aaaand, I also create deep healing Guided Meditations

The reason why I do the work that I do, is due to the fact that a big part of my life was lived with a very low feeling og self-worth, and absolutely no love for myself. Life has in many ways been an extremely painful experience for me living this way, and at one point I had to make a choice to change, as I could not go on with so much pain. It took all I had to wake and shake myself up, and the change only began once I realize that I had to change the way I showed up for myself, my relationship with myself, for my experience of life to change! 

"At one point, I had to make a choice! 

To give up on life, or to learn how to love myself... 

I choose love, and my life was forever changed!"

I have along my own journey gathered experience, heightened my consciousness and collected all the knowledge i needed, to intuitively and skillfully be able to support and guide others on their journeys as well. I assist you in clearing out old patterns, belief systems and blockages, working with healing your traumas and embodying love through working with the nerve system, expanding and heightening your level of awareness and ability to live from a place of choice and power. I am what I call a truth spotter (bullshit detecter), and I am able to spot the truth and depth in your challenges, mirroring this truth back to you in a way that asks you to you to be in your power, give you the unconditional loving support you need, and remind you of the love you are, so that you may embody and embrace it. 

"I am here to remind you of the LOVE you are,

And to ask you to live from a place of power,

By remembering, reclaiming and embodying



My own journey with


Growing up I had the biggest inner critic you could ever imagine. I felt that I was never enough, never good enough, and unworthy of love. I believed that nobody could ever love me. I was chasing perfection, validation, approval and love outside of myself all of the time, never finding it, which only added to the pain growing inside of me.

At age 13, life already felt too heavy to bare, and the pain too big. I did not wanted to be here, to experience so much pain in the absence of love, and I tried to end my life. But the love inside of me must have somehow pulled through, because I survived my suicide attempt. After this attempt, I was placed at a state-home, which only made the feeling of being different, wrong and unlovable grow even bigger. The pain did not at all disappear, it increased BIG time. The more I judged, shamed and blamed myself, the bigger it grew.

Life became a chase of perfection for me, for I believed that I could only be loved if I became better, more and perfect. I was doing everything in my power to be a perfect version of myself, trying to live what I perceived to be the perfect life. I was running fast, from myself, from the truth, from my feelings, and this way of living created huge amounts of anxiety, stress and depression within me.

In my early twenties life literally knocked me down. I had been living in the fast lane my entire life, never truly facing my demons, struggling everyday trying to move forward in destructive directions. But at this point there were nowhere to hide, and nowhere to run. This time I fell harder than I had ever done it before, lying on my back, facing every inch of pain inside of me, unable to look away. The pain paralyzed me, and I was unable to leave my bed for 3 months straight.

In those 3 months I faced the darkest parts of my being, of my past and of my belief system. Crawling through this darkness, I finally saw a small beam of light and hope. I realized how the problem had never been that others did not love me, but that I did not love myself. My salvation would never be to receive love from another, but to learn how to love myself.

This realization took me upon a whole new path leading me in a new direction, on a new quest, on a new journey - My journey towards Self-Love! 

Step by step I gathered all my courage, seeked new answers, and looked deep within myself. It was painful, it was unpleasant, but with every step I took, I felt more light, I felt more relaxed, and I felt more hopeful.

One day it happened, I reached a state of Self-Love. I remember looking myself in the mirror, telling myself: "I love you". Normally I would shrink and feel stupid, but this time I felt a warm sensation spreading around my entire body. And as I felt the love embracing me in the gentle form of compassion, I cried more than ever before. I finally found love for myself, I finally experienced what I had yearned for my entire life. And from that moment my life has never been the same again. I can not begin to describe the beauty that unfolds when we begin to access and live self-love. It is blissful, it is beautiful, and it is filled with grace, compassion and gratitude. It does not mean that there is no challenges, no struggle, no pain, but you will be able to welcome all of this, perceiving it in a different way than you did before.

I wish for everyone to experience this state of living. Realizing their own worth, knowing deep within themselves that they are enough, and that they deserve their own love more than anybody in this world. Everybody can access the state of Self-Love, and everybody deserves to do so. I am so happy that I am now able to guide people on this journey of healing and anchoring within themselves, within life and within love!

I hope that you remember, that you too are love, and that you deserve to feel your own love unconditionally!

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