Who is Zoe Johansen?


"Zoe is deeply committed

to guiding women into

remembering, reclaiming &

embodying their brilliance

& gifts through Self-Love!"


I am a woman who wake up every day saying fully yes to being myself, to living life from my hearts calling, and to share my magic with the world. However this was not always the case, in fact I had to go through many years of deep inner work to turn my life around and develop the relationship I have with myself today. I managed to do that through my own discovered practice of what I call Self-Love & Empowerment.

My dharma (life's purpose) is my own biggest teaching in life: I am here to remind women of who they are, so that they can live out the magic within them, and share it with the world. I truly believe that when we step into our magic, we make the world a better place - Yet everything begins with the relationship we have with ourselves, which is why I support and guide women to build a strong and loving relationship with themselves!

I am in this world, to GUIDE US BACK TO LOVE:

"I guide women to remember the love they are, and the choice they hold to choose love in each moment of life, and then I show them how to embody this power!"

Self-Love was my own biggest struggle in life...

Personally I know how difficult it is to live a life based on a lack of self-belief, self-worth and self-love. I grew up on the following core belief: "No one will ever truly love me". This belief was the foundation from which I created my reality, and let me tell you, it was a very painful one.

I managed to self-sabotage in every way possible. I would attract people into my life whom would confirm my core belief, and if they did not, I would mess up any relationship and friendship by pushing people away. I developed stress and anxiety from trying to be perfect, over achieving and trying to get everyones approval. I was disconnected from my emotions, my worth and my body. I had no sense of what my boundaries were and placed myself in many situations that wore me down and created more pain that I would carry, turning every life experience into evidence of my core belief system. And on top of that, I was extremely insecure, and lacked confidence in myself and my abilities.

Most of my life I was depressed, anxious, suicidal, and struggling with life, and the irony would have it that it would take a complete breakdown for me to turn everything around. 6 years back I hit rock button and was unable to leave my bed for 4 months. Right there something magical happened: I got to come face to face with the mirror, showing me how I was the creator of my own reality, how much pain I carried, and how I was not showing up in a loving way toward myself.

Through these 4 months I woke up, and I promised myself that I would learn how to love myself, to heal my own pain, and to find a way to thrive in life. And so I did, it was a fast evolution, and the transformation required a lot of me. However it was a self-made journey, as no one out there was teaching and guiding people through the kind of guidance and inner work I needed to build my level of self-love and heal.

My journey towards self-love was a puzzle I pieced back together myself, step by step I regained more self-love and my life changed and transformed. I knew that this was something I HAD to share with the world, as I saw how every single heart in this world needed a doze of this medicine. So I dedicated to not only walk my own path of self-love, but to become a pillar of sharing the awareness of the importance of this practice and guiding people through this powerful transformation and journey.

So here I am, many years later, wiser and deeply embodied, inviting every woman out there to journey with me. You deserve to feel your own love, you deserve to remember who you are, you deserve to believe in yourself and your worth, and you deserve to live life from your heart, sharing your magic and brilliance with the world. Because... We need you to do so! 


"Zoe Johansen has been running a successful practice for over 4 years, and has guided over 200+ women to more Self-love and personal power"

The self-love practice:

I believe that EMBODIMENT is the most important thing, when it comes to facilitating with integrity. The new paradigm is all about having walked the talk, and having experienced whatever we want to teach and preach to others. Everything I share, is something I myself has practiced and gone through.

My work is a combination of many different modalities and practices, which is why it is so powerful. I weave these different practices together, and add my personal and intuitive understanding to it, and it becomes the powerful and transformational "Self-Love Practice":

Shadow work


Inner child work


Trauma work
Somatic resourcing 

The Self-Love practice is designed to support you in the healing of past wounds and core beliefs, empowering and supporting you in the process of rebuilding a more loving and strong inner foundation, and then guiding you to embody and integrate self-love in your life.

ways to work with me:

1:1 individual coaching
Online energy tools
Online courses

Rituals and ceremonies

Oracle cards


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