Dear Goddess. . .


To be yourself fully?
To embrace both your light & darkness?

To release your past?
To step into your power?
To embody your inner goddess?
To live from your heart, intuition & purpose?

To move through life in full radiance?

Beloved Sister . . .

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like if you :

Truly loved yourself?
 Dared to step into all that you are?
 Stopped holding yourself back?
Turned up the light within yourself?
 And tapped into the full potential you hold?

Can you imagine? . . .

Well, I say "let's make it happen instead!"

I want to invite you to go on a journey with me!

And not just "any" journey 

The journey most people never find the courage to take: The journey of the HEART!

THE SELF-LOVE RETREAT is a deep dive into love. Here you come to remember, reclaim and embody who you are. To open the heart, and to live from an embodied place of radiance, openness and love.

At this 10 days Retreat, an amazing group of powerful women whom are all ready to SHINE their light, SHEAD what is not serving them and holding them back, and LIVE as the women they came here to be, will journey together!

. . . And I feel that YOU ARE READY TOO!

Do you feel it sister?
That calling within you

That inner knowing

That you hold so much within
Ready to be released
Ready to be reclaimed

Ready be expressed and lived
. . . It's time to follow the calling of your heart!

Next Retreat:

Feburary 11-21, 2020

*Note: This Retreat is for women only*

​​On this journey YOU WILL:

Truly love yourself...

You will unlock the love that you are, and start to receive yourself and life fully. This will transform the way you show up for and experience life.

Shine the light you are...

You will realize how much power you hold inside, and begin to shine and radiate your light out into the world, attracting new people and experiences that match this high frequency.

Realizing your worth...

You will get a deep embodied and integrated experience of remembering your own worth, and practise how to honor yourself through the way you live your life.

Spend 11 days in paradise...

You will spend 11 days in the paradise chosen for the retreat location. It is one of the most loving and beautiful places on earth, which holds a high supporting frequency of healing energy.

Unlock your potential...

You will tap into the unlimited potential that you hold, and get tools to access it, so that you may move towards your purpose and live in alignment with your highest self.

Begin your lifes journey...

This Retreat will be the beginning of your life's journey. This experience is only the beginning of the ripple effect this retreat will accumulate in your life. Are you ready for change?

Ready For . . .

10 days of Self-Love

This 10 days Self-Love Retreat is for you who are ready to open your heart in a whole new way, ready to love yourself, and ready to stand in the full capacity of your own love and power.

This will be a deep dive into the heart, into realizing that you are enough, and shedding every old story that you carrie along which tells you otherwise.

We are not meant to journey alone, therefore a big group of likeminded people will gather in tribe and community in paradise, and journey together through these 10 days. This will be a powerful space where you can show up with ALL that you are, show all aspects of yourself, and realize that you can be loved and held with ALL of it.

The retreat will also be a mirror of all the ways you do not show up from love in your life. What programs and beliefs do you live life from? You will be challenged to show up, to expand and to outgrow it. Imagine what would be possible if you started to live life with a new perspective and toolbox filled with Self-Love and Radiance?

This will be a chance for you to step into a new way of living your life, a chance to listen to the voice of your soul, and to break free from all that is holding you back in this life. 

You will experience trauma release, deep soul connections, opening up to- and accessing the life force energy that runs through you.

You will find yourself receiving deep healing, experience  balance of ego and self, heightening your intuition and awareness, more body love and acceptance of your physical form, confidence and belief in yourself, unlocking and trusting your souls purpose, calling and path.

You will get in touch with your essence and all the aspects you hold within, you will unlock your voice, rebuild trust in yourself and start to give yourself the love you need and deserve.

The best of all is, that this is only a small part of what this Retreat will gift you, much more is to be revealed!

Are you ready to reclaim who you are, and who you came here to be?

Next Retreat:

Feburary 11-21, 2020

*Note: This Retreat is for women only*

The power of . . .


Self-Love is not a final destination, it is a daily practice, a path and a way of living. It is a path that you can relearn, commit-, and devote yourself too. 

The art of Self-Love is mastered by daring to show up for yourself, to show up with ALL that you are, and to meet all that you are with love and compassion.

Self-Love is not about becoming something more, something less, or something different. It is about reclaiming what you already are, always have been and always will be. Daring to reclaim the totality you are and to love ALL of it.

As you begin to love all that you are, reclaiming all of you, and shedding all the walls you have build between you and the love you hold inside, you can begin to change your entire life, by changing the relationship you have with your'self'.

When you come to realize your own worth, there are no limits in life, and you can begin following the voice of love, the voice of your soul, instead of letting yourself be guided bynja fear.

The Themes. . .
Of the Retreat:

The Retreat can be summed up in 3 words:
Remembering, Reclaiming & Embodying

Throughout the retreat we will go through a very thorough journey, specially designed to take you upon an intense journey of Self-Love. You will be guided to remember who you are, to reclaim who you are and to then to embody this love and power!

The week will be inspired by the 7 chakras, and each day we will start with a morning practice that is designed around the specific chakra we work with during the day.

Each day will be imprinted by the energy of the chakra we work with, taking you upon a journey from your root to your crown chakra. We will both be doing work that get us into the body, open us up energetically and get us out of the mind. It is all about stepping out of fear and choosing love. Here is an overview of the 10 days intensive journey:

✩Day 1: Start of Retreat

Chakra: Introduction to the chakras
Theme: Settling in, connecting, and setting the intentions for the retreat.
Energy: Grounding and landing.

About: The first day of the retreat will be the day of arriving and settling in. You will check in, meet your roommate, and land at the resort. We will gather at dinner at 6pm and again at the shala at 7pm. Here we will sit in circle, connect, and meet each other. Here we will focus upon landing, grounding, introducing, sharing and setting the intentions for the retreat through an  intention ceremony.

✩Day 2: A walk down memory lane

Chakra: Root chakra
Element: Earth
Theme: Your past, your timeline, your family, and your blocks.
Energy: Grounding, surrender, let go, forgive.

About: This day will be a deep dive into your past, and into your timeline in this earthly life. What are you carrying along, and what do you need to let go of in order to move forward? This day will be a day of revealing the weight you carry, and a chance for you to release it. The chakra we work with is the root chakra, and the energy will be grounding and safe for you to surrender into. This is a day that will focus upon the past, so that we can move past it and forward into Self-Love and our future.

✩Day 3: Unlocking your potential

Chakra: Sacral Chakra
Element: Water

Theme: Learning to connect with, and move your life force energy, tapping into your full potential.
Energy: Creativity and sexuality

About: This day will be one of curiousity, of exploring and of diving into the huge potential you came here with. The chakra we will be working with is the sacral chakra, and in this chakra lies the creativity waiting to unfold, and for you to birth all you came here to create. The third day will be for you to experience how much you are capable of, to be reminded of what can happen when you let loose, when you open up to the flow of life, instead of resisting it. You will through this day be reminded that you are the creator of your life, and that you hold the power to make this life whatever you choose.

✩Day 4: Reclaiming your power

Charkra: Solar Plexus Chakra
Element: Fire

Theme: Stepping into your power, awaken the wild and untamed warrior within you.
Energy: Power

About: This day of the retreat will be in the name of reclaiming your power. This day is designed for you to come in touch with the fire that burns inside of you, the wild nature you hold inside, some would even say - the darkness. This day is for you to burn away all the bullsh*t, and spark the fire within. This day you will step into your power, make a commitment to living life in power, and heightening your awareness around how much fear is ruling you. This day is all about taking back your power, so that you and your higher self are in the driver seat. This day is about being all of you, and learning that this world, are waiting for you to show up in your totality.

✩Day 5: Opening your heart

Chakra: Heart Chakra
Element: Air

Theme: Choosing the path of love, opening up your heart, allowing love inside.
Energy: Love and vulnerability

About: This day of the retreat will be devoted to the heart, devoted to love, devoted to compassion, to gratitude and to courage! Because it takes courage to love, it takes courage to choose love, it takes courage to tear down the walls you have build between you and others, and to show up in complete love and trust in life. This day will be an emotional day, a heart-opening day, where we will work with rebirth, with the inner child, and a lot of deep work that will remind you of who you are and how much love you hold inside. This day is designed for you to fully open up your heart, so that you can share your love, not only with yourself but with the rest of the world as well.

✩Day 6: Rebuilding trust in yourself

Chakra: Throath Chakra
Element: Air

Theme: Boundaries, reclaiming your voice, trusting yourself
Energy: Expansion, truth and courage

About: This day will be an important one, as it will be the day where you reclaim your voice, reclaim your place in this world, and learn that it is safe to be you, it is safe to be all of you. This day will push your edges, ask you to go beyond what you thought you would or could, and ask you to show up as all that you are. At this day there will be a theme around living your truth, speaking your truth and showing up in your truth. We will explore boundaries, both physically and energetically. Here you will reclaim your no, so that you can learn that it is safe to be in this body, it is safe to be you, and it is safe to live this life.

✩Day 7: Resource & Relax

Theme: A day to relax and restore your energy
About: This day will be devoted to relaxation, to recharging yourself in every way. A day of ease and rejuvenation.

✩Day 8: Remembering

Chakra: Third Eye
Element: Ether

Theme: Remembering who you are and what you came here to be
Energy: Divine, light and powerful

About: We will be dedicating this day to you remembering your higher self, listening to-, and connecting with your soul. Here you will learn to listen to, trust and follow your intuition. Tap into the divine energy that supports and guides you in this life.

✩Day 9: Embodying your divine self

Chakra: Crown Chakra
Element: Ether

Theme: Saying YES to yourself and surrendering
Energy: Divine, light and high vibration

About: At this day you will experience to be in a state of soul alignment and of the highest energy frequencies. This day will end with a wedding ceremony, where you will be invited to fully step into your own love and divinity. All the participants will on the day marry themselves, saying yes to love, yes to honoring themselves, yes to choosing love each day of the rest of their life, yes to living life fully and yes to the higher self and the purpose each of them came here to follow.

✩Day 10: End of Retreat

Theme: Certificates and farewell
Energy: Endings and beginnings

About: All in life has a beginning and an end, and at this last day at the retreat we will share breakfast, certificates will be given and we will say our farewells as we step into a new chapter in our lives.

Luxury Resort. . .
Here you will live during the Retreat:

The resort is a luxurious and just outside of Ubud, which is a spiritual mecca for artists and spiritual seeking souls. With a perfectly centered location, it will be easy to take field trips to sacred places nearby in Bali.

The rooms are in a very high modern quality, with an overview of the swimming pool, making the feeling of the resort center as a small village and community.

The 11 days retreat includes 3 times a day vegetarian meals, a swimming pool, free wifi, and a beautiful yoga Shala with an overview of the rice fields.

Honai has a very helpful and friendly staff, whom will make sure that we are taken care of and held throughout the retreat. The Balinese people are very helpful and welcoming people, whom daily honor the land of Bali with offerings and ceremonies. It is an honor to be held by their sacred land and heart-centered spiritual people.

We also have the beautiful Shala accessable to us, where most of the retreat will take place. Here we will meet each morning doing morning practice together as the sun rises, and each night we will end the day in the Shala with an evening ceremony as the sun sets. In the Shala we will journey into our hearts, looking over the rise fields and letting the beauty of Bali into our hearts, as we grow in love both individually and in the tribe.

4 Reasons to join this Retreat:

✩ 1 - The rest of your life

When you change within, the world around you changes as well. This 10 days Retreat is designed to create an inner transformation that will ripple out through the rest of your life. The retreat will open the doors to you having a whole new relationship with yourself, and therefore you will both begin to live life differently and call in new experiences in life. This journey will affect the way you choose to show up and live life in the future, and therefore affect the rest of your life. The change begins within you, so are you ready to journey within?

✩ 2 - Finding your soul tribe

It is not everyone in this world whom are courageous and brave enough to follow the path of the heart, and once we start to follow this path it may feel lonely and isolated. Right now more and more people are waking up to shining their light, following their heart, and following their souls guidance. We are here together and we need each other on this journey. The people we choose to surround ourselves with, will determine our growth as well. One of the biggest gifts about this retreat is, that you will be surrounded by soul tribe, people on the same path as you, whom are showing up for their heart and yours. Together you will call each other into power, remembrance and love. These are the people who will love you un and show you a reflection of where you play small in the world, and how bright your light is. This retreat will be all about returning home, both to your heart and to a soul tribe that you can grow and unfold together with on this journey of the heart.

✩ 3 - Finding home within

This is a journey to an exotic destination, but really the true destination of this retreat, is for you to find home within yourself. We can spend a lifetime searching for happiness and love outside of ourselves, but it is only to be found within ourselves. We can only receive the amount of love from the world, that we have towards and give ourselves. The life we create is a reflection of how worthy we feel, of how much we love ourselves. The Self-Love Bali Retreat is a journey home, within yourself and within your heart. Making you remember how much love that exists inside of you, and making you give yourself all the love you need. When you feel that you are love, you live as love, and when you live in openness you are able to receive life fully and manifest a very different life.

✩ 4 - Commit to loving and honoring yourself

The Retreat will lead up to a big final ceremony, where you will experience standing completely in your own love and power. You will be invited to commit to loving and honoring yourself for the rest of your life... yes, you will marry yourself! This commitment is the most important commitment you will ever make, the commitment to your'self'! Nobody in this world is more important than you, and it is time to start honoring yourself, and supporting yourself in the way you deserve to be honored and supported. Saying yes to yourself, means saying yes to all that you are, and all that you came here to be. You are saying yes to showing up for yourself, in ease and in struggle, in love and in pain, in every moment of life. And when you say yes to yourself, a new life will unfold right before you, inviting you to take one loving step at a time towards your souls purpose.

Are you ready to say yes?
Are you ready to honor yourself?

Are you ready to love yourself?

A day at the Retreat:

Morning Practice: 7:30am

Breakfast: 9am

Field Trip: 10am

Lunch: 1pm

Teaching in the Shala: 3pm

Dinner: 7pm

Evening ritual/ceremony: 8:30pm

Notice: Not all days will contain field trips.

Also note that changes in the program may occur, as we will flow with the energy of the group during the journey.

It is recommended to arrive at least 1-2 days before the retreat, as you might experience jet-lack, and it will be nice to have landed before diving into the retreat, which starts at 6pm the first day and ends with check out 12 pm (noon) the last day.

Let me introduce. . .
Your facilitators through the journey:

Zoe Johansen
Self-Love & Empowerment Coach / Heart-opener

Lead facilitator: Zoe Johansen, is an educated Self-Love & Empowerment Coach from Denmark. She has been guiding people on the journey of Self-Love since 2015.

Zoe facilitates from the heart and from vulnerability. She has a big toolbox of ways she works with integrating and heightening Self-Love. Shamanism, rituals, ceremonies, channeling, bodywork, breath work, shadow work, inner child work, just to name a few. Zoe's call in life is to walk the journey of Self-Love herself, and to invite people to do the same, creating a safe foundation for them to grow, reminding them that they are enough and worthy of love.

Zoe walks the walk, and talks the talk, as she herself has experienced the limiting and indeed false state of consciousness of extreme low self esteem for the majority of her own life, which she has been able to free herself from using her protocol and practice of Self -Love, based upon her techniques and philosophy. She is now sharing this practice worldwide. What makes Zoe's work so powerful is that it comes from her inner guidance rather than a text book approach, which allows the participants to fully feel the teachings, which allows them to be more fully empowered and liberated.

"I am not teaching you something that you do not already know on a soul level, I am reminding you of who you are, of your worth, your light and love, and I am asking you to claim it yourself!" - Zoe

Luna Sixtensdotter

Body, dance, meditation & movement Therapist

Co-Facilitator Luna, has +10 years of experience leading and arranging workshops related to dance and movement therapy. She is the founder and owner of Movement Alchemy, and currently works as a personal trainer/motivator, massage therapist and movement/meditation instructor in Sweden.

Luna is known for having an amazing ability to be intuitive in the work she does with groups. She is very tuned into the field and the people she work with, and creates both a safe and nourishing space, but also a space where you will be challenged and have potential for growth. She is gifted in facilitating with clarity, compassion and a profound presence.

Lunas have earlier lived in a community with only women doing work around therapy, shamanism and primal force.

She holds many talents, and her toolbox contains:  Bioenergetics, Embodied Intimacy, Dance Therapy, Coaching, Belly 2 Belly, Yoga, Pilates, Massage, Material Art and several forms of Movement Therapy.

"The reason I choose the word 'Alchemy' for my work, is that when I get people in motion, no matter what darkness they come with - they transform it. That's what alchemists do, and thats what I do. I guide people to alchemize their own darkness into light and gold. I believe that people already have everything within them, sometimes we simply need a guide showing us the light. So movement alchemy is about ​discovering, accepting, allowing and transforming what is. And when we have an open heart towards ourselves and what is, then things starts to shift. If you look at something long enough it will shift. As long if you can stay with it, it will change." - Luna

Next Retreat:

February 11-21, 2020

*Note: This Retreat is for women only*

All the Details :

Date: 11-21 February, 2020
Place: Get on the waiting list and learn more about the upcoming Retreat
Food: 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day
Accommodation: 10 nights and 11 days in a shared room at the Resort

Who can participate: This retreat is for women only

This training takes place at a beautiful resort on a special chosen location. The retreat is a 11 days intensive retreat with 10 nights at the resort. We will enjoy 3 healthy vegetarian meals a day, free wifi, 24 hour drinking water access, full use of all facilities such as seminar hall, equipment, pool, pool towels, and pool chairs. The retreat includes morning practice each day and over 65 hours of facilitated Self-Love training, ceremonies and rituals. The retreat also includes several field trips.

Retreat Cost:   $3.000 USD
- Accommodation cost is included in the price!

Deposit: Non-refundable $750 USD deposit required at sign up to hold your space.

Payment Plan: It is possible to choose a payment plan of a downpayment of the deposit $750 USD & 6 equally monthly on time installments.

One payment: Pay one lump sum of $3.000

Installments: Pay the $750 USD deposit now,
And 6 monthly installments 


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