Self-Love Retreats

Self-Love Retreats are powerful journeys of activation and initiation of self & love, taking place in special selected energetic locations around the world.

  Each Retreat will be different, as they will take place in different locations and be of different time durations.

These Retreats takes special selected small groups of heart centered women through a deep dive into transformation through exploration, shamanism, rituals, ceremonies, adventure and the deep healing sisterhood.

​The Self-Love Retreats will only be offered to a private list of women. The Retreats are intensive, transformational, adventurous and deep dives into self & love.

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Previous Retreats

What People Say...

"I feel much more connected to myself and to others, I feel more open and truthful in my way of living and connecting. My biggest challenge is to surrender to the process, yet your support have created a shift in my experiencing of the power of my vulnerability."

- Participant at the first Retreat

"I take with me the ability to:

Receive, give, radiate, discover, live, be, hear, see and attract... LOVE"

- Participant at the first Retreat

"I have experienced to stand in my own truth and allowing myself my truth. Also I have deeper connection to my power. It's clear to me how I am the creator of my life, and how I will now go out and create new stories and new belief systems within myself!"

- Participant at the first Retreat

“This was… transformative!

I feel ready to honor myself and speak my truth in a bigger way in life. I see how much I have given away power in life, and now I will stand in my power and own it instead.”

- Participant at the first Retreat

"I have experienced a new level of forgiveness, compassion depth and trust! I feel that I am not alone anymore!"

- Participant at the first Retreat

"I take with me an embodied knowing of this:

I am worthy of love

I am worthy to be loved

I am open to revive love"

- Participant at the first Retreat


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